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China, Bully of Asia

Red China is building a world of threats, fear, and conformity with Communist principles.  Reds in America are, too. TNA_2022_May30

Enduring Faith

The ebb and flow of history should embolden Christians to continue advancing God’s Kingdom, not retreating. TNA_2022_Dec26

Remembering Zelenko

Freedom Fighter, Dr. “Zev” Zelenko rejected Federal Tyranny and Big Pharma: His Covid treatments worked. TNA_2022_Aug15

War Between Villains

Ukrainians are suffering in a war with Russia, but there’s huge gulf between the people and their rulers.  TNA_2022_May16

Post-Roe America

Following the Supreme Court ruing of June 2022, Pro-Lifers defend the unborn in States that still support abortion. TNA_2022_Jul25

Thomas Sowell Vs. Welfare State

“Black poverty fell to 47% by ’60 without any major Federal legislation… and before… the welfare state.” TNA_2022_Aug29

Disney's Wokeness Gamble

Disney will lose on its “wokeness” gamble if Americans apply good moral values and withdraw support.  TNA_2022_May16

Standing Against Canadian Fascists

By standing fast against vaccine mandates in Canada, Tamara Lich has inspired thousands to resist.  TNA_2022_Aug29

Bobby Fischer: "Checkmate"

Relive the excitement when Bobby Fischer beat the Communists’ best and other past chess masters.  TNA_2022_May30

Freedom Convoy 2022

Freedom Convoy ’22 was an air horn blast heard ’round the world for Liberty, not mandates.  TNA_2022_Mar14

Pro-Life Centers Won't Close

Terrorists attack pro-Life centers, leaving death threats and destruction in their wake, yet the centers refuse to close.  TNA_2022_Aug15

Virgin Atlantic Kowtows to Transgenders

Virgin Atlantic airline is advancing the anti-Christ agenda through an ad campaign and boasting of it.  TNA_2022_Oct31