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Freedom Index, 117th Congress, #1

1st report on 117th Congress shows how our D.C. reps voted on issues such as federalizing elections. TNA_2021_Aug9

Katanji Brown

What does Katanji Brown’s background and associations project about her future performance?  TNA_2022_May30

What Happened to the Red Wave?

According to Democrats and neo-con Republicans, MAGA is responsible for poor ’22 elections results.  True? TNA_2022_Dec12

Freedom Index, 117th Congress, #2

2nd report on 117th Congress shows how the servants we sent to D.C. voted on issues such as vaccine mandates.  TNA_2022_Jan31

Pinocchio President

As people struggle to make ends meet and maintain their standard of living, Biden says the economy is strong.  TNA_2022_Dec12

Big Tech Changed the Election

Media Research Center has documented 640 cases of Big Tech platforms intervening for Biden and allies in the 2020 elections.  TNA_2022_May30

Freedom Index, 117th Congress, #3

3rd report on Congress 117 shows how our Federal servants voted on key issues including Covid and self-defense.  TNA_2022_Aug29

Are Pro-Life Laws Dangerous?

Abortion advocates insist that State pro-life laws endanger patients with auto-immune diseases.  True?  TNA_2022_Nov28

Fraud and Future Elections

Pundits claim the 2020 election was the “most secure in American history,” but evidence indicates otherwise.  TNA_2022_Aug29

Congressional Scorecards

Scorecards that expose the good, the bad, and the ugly congressional voting records and help slay GovZilla.  TNA_2022_Jul11

J6 Committee Hoax

Communist-Deep State strategy is to dominate the news with charges of “insurrection” all the way to Nov. ’24.  TNA_2022_Mar14

Securing Future Elections

Millions believe Biden’s election was fraudulent.  If so, can we prevent a recurrence and secure future elections?  TNA_2022_Aug29

GovZilla Book Review

Warning: Monster on the loose!  It’s the Federal government and its un-Constitutional actions that destroy Liberty.  TNA_2022_Jun27

Vax Propaganda Plan Exposed

Covid vax propaganda was coordinated by the Federal gov’t via the White House.  TNA_2022_Nov28

Fighting for Fair Elections

Public servants and organizations are fighting for fair elections and auditing certain returns.  How are they doing? TNA_2022_Feb14