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Nanotech’ has enabled advances in many fields of human endeavor, but it also offers untold potential for evil and tyranny.  TNA_2022_Jan31

Covid and Ghosts of Nuremberg

Examine the parallels between Nazi concentration camp experiments and today’s Covid vaccines.  TNA_2022_Apr25

Standing Against Canadian Fascists

Leading protests against vaccine mandates and tyranny in Canada, she inspired thousands. TNA_2022_Aug29

The Bureaucrats Knew

The bureaucrats knew that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin worked against Covid, but they hid the truth.  Why?  TNA_2022_Feb14

Covid Hospital Killing Fields?

Government bureaucrats dictated genocidal Covid protocols and that led to lies, devastated families, and death.  TNA_2022_Apr25

The End Game

Subtitled, “Covid and the Dark State Quest for Bio-digital Convergence in a Trans-humanist World”.  Wow!  TNA_2022_May16

Why Did So Many Fall?

Mass-formation psychosis, propaganda, and corporatism led Americans to fall for the Covid narrative. TNA_2022_Apr11

Horrific Cost of Government Policy

Governments’ responses to Covid have cost trillions of dollars and resulted in many more lives lost than saved.  TNA_2022_Apr11

States Should Nullify Covid Overreach

“Whensoever the [Federal] government assumes undelegated powers… nullification… is the right remedy.”  TNA_2022_Apr11

Covid-1984: Deep State Pandemic

The Covid pandemic is helping usher in the Great Reset to finish America and enslave conformists around the globe.  TNA_2022_Apr11

Will Children Survive?

Government edicts and Covid propaganda will make children compliant with future tyranny unless we prevent it. TNA_2022_Apr11

Lethal UN Healthcare

Before the Feds un-Constitutionally give control of healthcare to WHO, consider its depopulation agenda.  TNA_2022_Aug15

Heroes of the Pandemic

Many doctors risked careers and reputations to save lives during the pandemic, but they did the right thing. TNA_2022_Apr11

The Jab Jinx

Big Brother, Big Pharma, and Big Tech scheme to jab syringes into every arm, while people gradually discover the truth. TNA_2022_Apr11

Stopping WHO's Power Grab

If globalists have their way, unelected officials of the UN’s World Health Org. will impose vaccine mandates. etc. TNA_2022_Jun27