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Freedom and Virtue

The Founders believed Liberty is freedom coupled with Christian virtue working within individuals.  TNA_2022_Dec26

Congressional Scorecards

Scorecards that expose the good, the bad, and the ugly congressional voting records and help slay GovZilla.  TNA_2022_Jul11

Red Wave Won't Save America

Even if the Red Wave of ’22 had ocurred, simply electing Republicans is insufficient.  TNA_2022_Dec12

Rights from God or Government?

Charter of Rights versus the Bill of Rights, added to the U.S. Constitution to block Federal tyranny.  TNA_2022_Mar14

Who Should Wield the Sword

The States and Convention delegates wanted Congress, not the President, to declare war if needed.  TNA_2022_Feb14

Use Article VI, Not Article V

Article VI is safer than Article V to return the rampaging Federal monster to its Constitutional cage. TNA_2022_Jul11

States' Rights Foundation

America is founded on States’ Rights. Ignorance of the facts is at the root of today’s problems.  TNA_1988_Jun6

The Case for the Filibuster

Filibusters spring from the Constitution’s provision allowing the Senate to establish its rules and procedures.  TNA_2022_Feb28

Folly of Term Limits

Should we rely on term limits instead of the ballot box to rid the Federal government con-men and Constitutional oath-breakers?  TNA_2022_Jul11

The Dutch Republic

America’s Founders applied the lessons of history when they launched their experiment with Liberty.  TNA_2022_Feb28

Black Robed Regiment Needed

These pastors are calling for a Black Robed regiment of preachers to confront the evil and tyranny of today.  TNA_2022_Dec26

Balanced Budget Amendment

Is the Balanced Budget Amendment a good solution to the un-Constitutional and wild Federal spending spree?  TNA_2022_Jul11

Nullification: Founders' Solution

The States, creators of the Constitution, have the power and duty to nullify Federal tyranny.  TNA_2022_Jul11

Thomas Sowell Exposed Welfare

“Black poverty fell to 47% by ’60 without any major Federal legislation… and before… the welfare state,” says Mr. Sowell. TNA_2022_Aug29