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Who Should Wield the Sword?

The States and Convention delegates wanted Congress, not the President, to declare war if needed.  TNA_2022_Feb14

Afghanistan One Year Later

The Biden administration’s refusal to accept sound military advice led to the Afghan debacle, new evidence shows.  TNA_2022_Sep26

Biden's Broken Border

Team Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws is catastrophic and threatens the States.  It amounts to an invasion. TNA_2022_Sep26

Russia Versus the Ukraine

Look closer at the causes and effects of the war and the potential involvement of NATO troops.   TNA_2022_Feb14

China, Bully of Asia

Red China is building a world of threats, fear, and conformity with Communist principles while prepping for a major war of conquest. TNA_2022_May30

Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine?

There are U.S. bioweapons labs in Ukraine, but their purpose and capabilities are unclear at this time.  TNA_2022_Apr25

Chinese Weapons Acquisition

While the U.S. military degenerates and goes woke, the Chinese military is preps for major war. TNA_1988_Aug15

NATO, Useful Tool for the U.N.

Placed under NATO command, troops from the States serve as a United Nations army, not an American army.  TNA_2022_Jun27