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Soros Funds Crime Wave

Releasing criminals discourages police, promotes crime, leads to tyranny, so Soros is making it happen. TNA_2022_Jun27

Armed Insurrection?

If it was an “armed insurrection” why were no guns found except on Federal agents and Capitol police?  TNA_2022_Mar14

Homeland Security's Ministry of Truth

Through Dept. of Homeland Security, the Federal government has created a Communist-style Ministry of Truth. TNA_2022_May30

What Really Happened Jan. 6?

What really happened on J6? Are those who question the elections results insurrectionists?  TNA_2022_Mar14

Ministry of Truth Still Operating

Communistic Ministry of Truth at Dept. of Homeland Security remains operational, despite contrary claims.  TNA_2022_Dec12

Did Federal Provocateurs Provoke J6?

Did provocateurs incite J6 violence?  Major media is covering up evidence of Fed involvement. TNA_2022_Mar14

DOJ's War on Parents

Under Communistic influences, the Federal gov’t views parents who object to their un-Godly agenda as terrorists.  TNA_2022_Jan17

Cameraman Knew Too Much

Journalist is threatened with racketeering and worse for coverage of Capital on Jan. 6, 2021. TNA_2022_Jan17

Hurricane Ian Path to Recovery

Best way to deal with a natural disaster is through private efforts, not un-Constitutional Federal aid.  TNA_2022_Nov28

Bowels of the D.C. Gulag

The Federal gov’t persecutes J6 prisoners like Communists do dissidents to their rule. TNA_2022_Feb28