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Do you want to casually promote Liberty as you go through your daily routine, or would you like to lead a supercharged team that dominates the local political landscape?  We’ve got you covered either way.  Discover network benefits below.

 Network Strategy

Should you or your organization join the Liberty Defense Network™?  Let’s find out.

If you believe that Liberty is more than freedom alone– if you believe it’s best defined as freedom linked to Christian principles and morals and that it matters most, so far so good, because we do, too.

We further believe that only by taking the following steps– which are underway– can we put America back on the highway to Liberty.  What do you think?

  1. We must create strong support for the principles of Liberty and the Real Constitution for the United States, which opens a highway to Liberty for the people of the sovereign States, if they stay on course and reject temptations to take short cuts.
  2. We must identify the wrong turns and fraudulent short-cuts that have sent the people of the States so far off course that the anti-Christ objectives of Communists and Deep State tyrants lies dead ahead, not the Liberty envisioned by America’s Founders.
  3. We must map a step-by-step route back onto the Constitutional road to Liberty and mark the short-cut roads with large “ROAD CONDEMNED” warning signs that no one can miss.
  4. We must convince the people of the sovereign States to travel with us back onto the main highway to Liberty– the Christian Federalist Highway– where a bright future awaits all who make the journey.

Last question: Do you think that a network of like-minded, but independent individual members and organizations, well supported and fighting on the same front, can win the battle of public opinion and contribute mightily to Victory for Liberty?

If you answered mainly in the affirmative and want to join us in spreading the message of hope and victory rather than doom and defeat, you’re among the people that we’re looking for!  Click here to submit an application or continue to the next section to discover what the Liberty Defense Network can do for you and/or your organization.

We offer several membership packages.  It’s easy to cancel or make changes.

Before joining, please read Operations and Support in the next column.

Confused?  Watching this video will help.

Operations & Support

Whether you’re an individual or a team, with God’s blessing and our support you’re only limited by your knowledge and imagination.

Membership benefits depend on the type of membership you choose– individual or organizational– and the support level you choose.  Options include…¹

  • Notices of upcoming events and productions.
  • Discount coupons and special offers.
  • Private members-only forum with state of the art features.
  • Access to campaigns, operations, and legislation templates.
  • Liberty Banner™ or Southern Defender™ digital or print subscription.
  • Annual gift certificates for apparel, books, flags, and more.
  • Access to campaigns, operations, and legislation templates.
  • Campaigning for Liberty, a strategy and tactics guide.
  • Access to our archives and research material.
  • Production Team membership to help bring out your creative talents.
  • Opportunities to co-produce articles, books, courses, and videos with us.
  • Opportunities for cooperative advertising and profit sharing.
  • Opportunities to co-design and sell apparel, decals, and more.
  • Campaigning for Liberty, a strategy and tactics guide.
  • Support and training videos to help and address common questions.
  • Access to marketing and political consultants.

Exclusive add-ons available only to organizations include…¹

  • Your domain name linked to your own web pages here on our site.
  • Custom-built web pages and e-commerce platform with great potential.
  • Backups, security, and contact forms to thwart hackers and spammers.
  • Hosting of your articles so you can post them on social media and drive traffic to your site.
  • Two optional systems to collect dues from your team members.
  • Podcasting platform through Pod Bean and a player on your site.
  • Private member forum for your staff and/or team of volunteer members.

¹Terms and conditions apply.

Confused?  Watching this video will help.

Click here for individual membership packages.

Click here for organizational membership packages.

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