6′ Mountable HD Flagpole


  • Grade: Heavy Duty
  • Length: 6′
  • Diameter: 1″
  • Material: Aluminum Pole
  • Mounting Surfaces: Post, Tree, Wall…
  • Material: Aluminum Pole
  • Finish: White
  • Hardware: Included
  • Extras: Spinning System

See the description below.



This heavy duty, “spinning”, and mountable flagpole is perfect for home and business owners that do not want an upright flagpole.  The pole’s low price makes it affordable to install two or more poles on your building.  Then, you could change flags periodically so that each of your favorites flies at one time or another.  For ideas about other flags you might like to fly, see our State Flag and Liberty Flag departments.

Consider this flagpole’s features:

  • Mountable to columns, posts, trees, walls, etc.
  • Heavy-duty, 1″ diameter, aluminum pole construction.
  • 6′ pole length when the 2 sections are assembled.
  • Pole is finished in a brilliant white color.
  • Heavy-duty, adjustable mounting bracket is also white.
  • Gold-colored ball ornament mounts to the top.
  • Adjustable clips attach to either a 2′ x 3′, 3′ x 5′, or 4′ x 6′ flag.
  • Pole spins freely to help the flag remain un-furled and properly displayed.
  • No flag is included.  We offer a large assortment.

For a multi-flag display using this flagpole and 3′ x 5′ flags, position the poles 8′ – 10′ apart.

Using hose clamps (not included) this pole can be mounted to a column or post without screws.  There are two slots in the mounting bracket for hose clamps.  Put the clamps through the bracket and around your column or post.  Clamps can be obtained at a local or online auto parts store.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 4 × 4 in