A View of the Constitution of the United States


  • 1829 Edition
  • Hardback, 353 Pages
  • Index
  • William Rawle
  • James and Walter Kennedy, Editors

Add it to your cart because here’s a study of the Constitution for the United States written by someone who was alive during the debates and ratification process, and when its true meaning was widely well known and respected though under assault. It was a text book used at West Point to explain the Constitution, and it sets the record straight about a State’s freedom to both enter and leave the union.

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Endorsed by Liberty Matters Most™, William Rawle, a friend of Washington and Franklin wrote this textbook for the West Point Military Academy in 1825 and updated it in 1829.  It’s one of several reliable books that we offer to explain the nature of the American union and the role of government at local, state, and federal levels.   Especially useful in this handsome hardback edition is the large index to such subjects as the Articles of Confederation, borrowing money, coining money, common law, corruption of blood, declare and carry on war, democracy, duties of the president, emigration, executive power, freedom of assembly, petitioning, press, religion, and speech, fugitives from justice, grand jury, habeas corpus, impeachment, insurrection, jury trial, militia, private property, right to bear arms, secession and union, sovereignty and its preservation, taxation, and treason, to name but a few.

You’ll love the closing essay by best-selling authors and well-known champions of States’ Rights, James and Walter Kennedy.  It’s a survey of modern America and a major cause of its slide into tyranny: ignorance of the principles of Liberty and a valid understanding of the Constitution for the United States.

As editors of this edition, the Kennedys have only “corrected those parts of his text which he [Rawle] had noted were incorrect, and on rare occasions, substituted words more in keeping with modern usage.  The changes have been made with an eye toward maintaining the meaning and spirit of the original work.”

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