An Eschatology of Victory


  • Paperback, 268 Pages
  • J. Marcellus Kik

Add it to your cart, because everyone fighting to win Victory for Liberty needs hope that victory is possible.  This book (and others we offer) provides that hope, from Scripture.  The author takes the Word as it is and explains it by referencing similar (sometimes nearly identical) passages from elsewhere in the Bible.  He doesn’t explain Scripture by headline news and sensational speculations that, heard repeatedly, lead to a defeatist frame of mind.

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The most important question facing the world today, as always, is one of Dominion: Who and what shall reign– Christ and Liberty or Satan and Tyranny?  Satan and his Deep State-Communist allies insist that the future belongs to them through a process of evolution.  Many, if not most, Christians agree because they’ve been repeatedly told that Bible prophecy supports this view.  Thus, they have no reason to resist their “inevitable” defeat.  “Why polish the brass on a sinking ship?” they ask.  This destructive perspective is part of a broad interpretation of scripture that has been appropriately dubbed “Abandonment Theology” because it leaves Satan and his cronies standing alone on the field of battle.  It’s difficult to imagine anything more sinister than this perspective, especially when one that seems more consistent with Scripture has been available for ages.

An Eschatology of Victory presents the best study of prophecy (eschatology) that this reviewer has found to show that the victory of Christ’s Kingdom (and Liberty, as we define it) is not only possible but prophesied.  The exact timing of His victory (and ours) is unknown, but it seems quite inevitable and certain. Those who study the book, examine the scripture references, and accept their most obvious meanings are likely to agree.

The book is organized into 3 sections: Historic Reformed Eschatology, Matthew Twenty-four, and Revelation Twenty.  Section one contains 4 chapters; there are 14 chapters in section two, and 16 in section three.  It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and the scripture references are too numerous to count.

Get the book; study it and use your knowledge to debunk the defeatism that has been neutering too many Christians for far too many years.  Organize Bible studies and work to advance Christ’s dominion over every area of life.

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