And Not a Shot Is Fired


  • Paperback, 76 Pages
  • Index
  • Jan Kozak

Add it to your cart, because everyone needs to recognize these tactics that Communists and their fellow travelers often use to convert a country into a communist hell.  Counter-insurgency requires an understanding of insurgent tactics.  And Not a Shot Is Fired was the actual tactical guide used to drive Czechoslovakia into Communist clutches.  The same tactics are being used, with others added for evil measure, in these United States.

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Originally titled How Parliament Can Play a Revolutionary Part in the Transition to Socialism and the Role of the Popular Masses, the author laid out the tactics that did indeed win victory for communist tyranny in Czechoslovakia.  By manipulating their thinking, communists led the people of that country to actually vote themselves into tyranny.  “Pressure from above” and “pressure from below” was part of the program, and that very system has been in operation, with varying levels of severity, in the American States for a hundred years now!

If you’re mostly an observer of the War for Liberty and a follower of current events related to it, the book will greatly expand your understanding of the action you’re witnessing.  If you’re a Liberty Defender, the book will you understand the strategy and tactics of counter-insurgency that the staff of Liberty Matters Most™ and other offensive-minded organizations recommend.

This latest edition of the 1950 communist training manual,  And Not a Shot Is Fired, was reprinted by that stalwart of anti-communism, the John Birch Society.

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