Basic History of the United States


  • Paperback, 6 Volumes
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  • Clarence B. Carson

Add it to your cart because here’s a history series that all ages can enjoy and turn to for reliable answers.  From the colonial days through 1985, the 6-volume series is a perfect blend of detailed story-telling and sweeping review.  The author received a Master’s from Auburn and a PhD in history from Vanderbilt.  He was a popular writer and lecturer until his passing in 2003.

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Endorsed by Liberty Matters Most™, this series from Dr. Clarence B. Carson has provided a solid historical survey of American history since the first 5 volumes were published in 1983.  Although it’s a “survey” of history, it supplies enough details and is written well enough to charm most any reader.  Dedicated to the memory of Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald (D-Ga.), who was unsurpassed in honoring his oath to abide by the U.S. Constitution, this is a history series that Dr. McDonald would be proud of.  Our staff refers to the series often and gives it 5 stars.  You will, too.

Volume 1. The Colonial Experience, 1607-1774 begins with the European background of culture on which America was built.  Travel next through the establishment and growth of the colonies, and explore education, self-government, and the free market economy.

Volume 2. The Beginning of the Republic, 1775-1825 summarizes the support for freedom that was developed during the years of 1775-1825 and includes the War for Independence, creation of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution for the United States, and the expansion of wealth.

Volume 3. The Sections and the Civil War, 1826-1877 explores the impact of the rapid growth, the rise of regional divisions and sectionalism, westward expansion, the War Between the States and the so-called Reconstruction of the South.

Volume 4. The Growth of America, 1878-1928 focuses on the growth and development of the States, western settlements, subduing the Western Indians, the transcontinental railroad, nationwide businesses, and the development of large financial institutions. The cultural effects of naturalism, Marxism, Socialism, and “progressivism” are included.

Volume 5. The Welfare State, 1929-1985, looks at the Great Depression and the New Deal, World War II, the Cold War, Vietnam War and the radical cultural changes of the times. Common conservative ideals and the conservative response are included.

Volume 6.  America: From Gridlock to Deadlock, 1985-2001 focuses on the acceleration of America toward the cliff of no return as the Federal government breaks free of Constitutional government under the leadership of Bush, Clinton, and Bush as true conservativism wanes and liberalism becomes Marxism.  Naturally, America’s philosophical and religious divides are explored, as well as the evils of the welfare state, and the pretended collapse of International Communism.

This is an excellent history book series for home schoolers because a Teacher’s Guide is available.

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