China, the Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America


  • Paperback, 178 Pages
  • Index
  • Arthur R. Thompson

Add it to your cart, because Americans must stop blindly aiding the Chinese take-over of American society, which requires learning how the Chinese pursue their work.  This easy-to-understand, to-the-point book makes it plain.  Once you know, share your knowledge on social media with everyone and ask them to buy the book.

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Published by the John Birch Society and endorsed by Liberty Matters Most™, this book is a 5-star, up-to-date, expose that’s chock full of details and evidence.  With major assistance from the Deep State (also known as “the Conspiracy”) the Chinese Trojan Horse has unleashed sweeping changes to American society that involve food and pharmaceuticals, government, business, scientific research, academia, the news media, entertainment, etc.  Once you understand the nature of the problem and the “home grown” groups that help it spread, such as Black Lives Matter, you can appreciate the actions required to eliminate it.  Many of those actions would impose temporary hardships on the American public, but they pale in comparison to the hardships that are sure to result in the near future if the Forces of Liberty fail to gain popular support for their initiatives.

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