Christianity and the Constitution


  • Paperback, 473 Pages
  • Large Index
  • John Eidsmoe

Add it to your cart, because this book documents, with copious proof, the varying yet abundantly Christian perspectives of the people who founded the American States and united them in a limited constitutional republic.  If you’re part of the effort to advance the cause of Liberty (freedom linked the Christian morals and principles), you will turn to this book often for useful information.

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Subtitled, “The Faith of Our Founding Fathers”, John Eidsmoe produces a wonderful history of early American Christianity and its influence on society and government.  As one reviewer stated, the author “rights the faulty historical record and correctly brings us back to the roots that made America great… clearly demonstrates that our constitutional liberties are a direct result of our founders’ moral and religious convictions which were based on a belief in a God who created heaven and earth as well as on the fixed and unchanging absolutes of God’s Word.”

The book contains an unusually thorough index with references such as Abrahamic covenant, President John Adams, Ethan Allen, Anti-federalists, Babel, Baptists, Bible, Bill of Rights, John Calvin, Congregationalism, Constitutional Convention, Oliver Cromwell, Danbury Baptists, Declaration of Independence, Deism, Fear of government power,  French atheists, etcetera– and this list only scratches the surface!

The book is not a major analysis of the Constitution; it’s an excellent history of early America with emphasis on the beliefs of the Founders.  The book makes plain the major influence of Christianity in the colonies, the States they founded when they seceded from Great Britain, and the limited republic they created by ratifying the Constitution, the text of which is included.

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