Crimes of the Educators


  • Paperback, 321 Pages
  • Bibliography, Index
  • Samuel Blumenfeld & Alex Newman

Add it to the cart, because reading the book will prove, in spades, why tax-supported education  must be locally controlled with no Federal involvement, monitored by the tax-payers (not government bureaucrats), or terminated.  You won’t understand nor be able to defend legislation aimed at achieving these objectives unless you acquire the knowledge contained in this book and others that we offer.

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Co-written by an editor of The New American magazine, Alex Newman, and endorsed by Liberty Matters Most™ the book lives up to its subtitle, “How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children”.  One of the finest congressmen of the last 200 years, Ron Paul (R-Tex.) said after reading the book, “A compelling case that America’s public education system must undergo radical change.”  This reviewer concurs and gives the book 5 stars.

The other author, Samuel Blumenfeld, was a pioneer of the homeschool movement and a famous researcher and author of books on the failures of public schools, which are actually not “failures” at all, but the result of plans formulated by people and organizations that are best termed communist, anti-Christ, or both.  What we now call the Deep State was a facilitator of those evil plans.  All of these accusations and a veritable avalanche of other evils are handily proven in this well-written, easy-to-read, book.

Consider the following samples of the table of contents of this praise-worthy book:

  • Treason: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of a Nation
  • How John Dewey Created a House of Lies
  • Portrait of a Failed System
  • How Dumbed Down Are We?
  • Child Abuse: Turning Normal Children Into Dyslexics
  • Sight Vocabulary: The Poison of Primary Education
  • The Victims of Educational Malpractice
  • The [Anti] Reading Conspiracy Marches On
  • The Politics of the Whole Language Method
  • Cooperative Learning: Communists Ideology in the Classroom
  • The Great American Math Disaster
  • Drug Pushing: The “Cure” For ADD and ADHD
  • Destroying a Child’s Religious Beliefs: A Spiritual Crime
  • The Unsettling Phenomenon of Teen Suicide
  • The Making of the Black Underclass
  • The Role Behavior Psychology in the Dewey Plan
  • Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong
  • Big Brother’s Data-Collection System and the Road to Totalitarianism
  • When Utopians are in Power, Expect Tyranny
  • Multiculturalism: The New Culture Genocide

What can be said of people who avoid the fight to win Victory for Liberty while the anti-Christ agenda exposed in this book continues to grow? This reviewer refrains from answering.  God will have the final word, and that will be enough.

This book is becoming difficult to obtain.  Get a brand new copy while supplies last.

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