Economics in One Lesson


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  • Henry Hazlitt

Add it to your cart, because this book is “the shortest and surest way to understand basic economics”, as the subtitle states.  Nothing boring here because economic realities are explained by exploding commonly held economic nonsense.  Written by a famous advocate of free markets, Henry Hazlitt, it’s a best seller with over a million copies sold.

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Though originally published in 1946 and updated in 1962, widespread public ignorance of basic economic principles and stupid (or deliberately destructive) government policies have only gotten worse.  Yet, this book could change all of that if people, especially opinion molders, would read it and use their newfound knowledge when commenting on current events.

As the preface to the first edition states, “This book is an analysis of economic fallacies that are at last so prevalent that they have almost become a new orthodoxy… There is not a major government in the world at this moment, however, whose economic policies are not influenced, if they are now wholly determined, by acceptance of some of these fallacies.  Perhaps the shortest and surest way to an understanding of economics is through a dissection of such errors, and particularly the central error from which they stem.  This is the assumption of this volume and of its somewhat ambitious and belligerent title.”  Agreed, and well said, my friend.  Receive your 5-star endorsement!

Consider a few excerpts from the table of contents: Public Works Mean Taxes, Taxes Discourage Production, Spread-the-Work Schemes, Disbanding Troops and Bureaucrats, The Fetish of Full Employment, How the Price System Works, Minimum Wage Laws, Do Unions Really Raise Wages?, The Function of Profits, The Assault on Savings, plus a dozen other amazing chapters.

You and your children will be blessed by studying this book and finding ways to inject your knowledge into an ignorant, even stupid, world.

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