Give Me Liberty


  • Hardback, 285 pages
  • Bibliography
  • David J. Vaughan

Add it to your cart, because Patrick Henry, a leader of the secession movement that led to the Declaration of Independence, was a statesman whose life inspires a winning attitude, and because he accurately predicted the republic’s future if the Constitution were ratified.  Opposed in principle to centralization and nationalism, Henry and others predicted that con-men would twist the Constitution and defy its spirit to establish a national tyranny over the States and the citizens thereof.

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Endorsed by Liberty Matters Most™, the book is one of several in the “Leaders in Action” series published by Cumberland House.  As reviewer, Charlie Jones stated, “Washington was our first president, but Patrick Henry was the liberty evangelist God used to stir us to action; and he will again for all who read this tremendous biography.”  Right off the bat, the book will put a smile on your face with these words, “According to G.K. Chesterton, ‘The real hero is not he who is bold enough to fulfill the predictions, but he who is bold enough to falsify them.’  By all counts, Patrick Henry was a real hero– he upended every expectation, confounded every prophecy, and falsified every prediction.”  This reviewer knows those words to be true!

The book is divided into three parts.  Part 1 is entitled, “The Life of Patrick Henry”.  Part 2 covers his character, and part 3 covers his legacy.  Under each heading readers can find a chapter title to point them to the subject they’re looking for.  Many of the books shown in the bibliography are still available as used books and are worth obtaining and reading.

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