Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence


  • 1848 Edition
  • Paperback, 384 Pages
  • 50 Portraits & Engravings
  • Benson J. Lossing

Add it to your cart, because the men discussed in this book deserve to be remembered by Liberty Defenders such as yourself.  It will take work, sacrifices, and risks–  maybe even blood– to win Victory for Liberty, defined as freedom linked to Christian morals and principles.  The history of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, America’s first proclamation of secession, will inspire us to put forth the same effort as they did.

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This 1848 classic, reprinted by Wall Builders and endorsed by Liberty Matters Most™, contains the histories of what the author calls, “the chief events in the lives of the men who stood sponsors at the baptism in blood of our infant republic.”  The author has included a lengthy historical essay on the history of the Declaration of Independence.  Also included are the complete texts of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution for the United States with excellent commentary and references from the author, statesmen, judges, and others.  In the appendix, readers will find the text of the Stamp Act which contributed to the colonies statement of secession known around the world as the Declaration of Independence.

Lives of the Signers was taught in schools throughout the States for many years, and it’s useful not only for training yourself but also your children, grandchildren, Sunday school class, and Bible study group.  All who learn from this book are admonished to share their knowledge with others and inspire them to buy their own copies.

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