Myths of American Slavery


  • Hardback, 278 Pages
  • Bibliography, Index
  • Illustrations, Photos
  • Walter D. Kennedy

Add it to the cart, because only a few new copies of this well-researched book are available anywhere.  As Jefferson Davis said, “No subject has been more generally misunderstood or more persistently misrepresented.”  This misrepresentation has been and will remain a weapon for insurgents and their masters to use in advancing the communist agenda for as long as widespread ignorance remains.  Thus, Liberty Defenders will find this book very useful.  We will ship autographed copies first, for as long as supplies last.

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Armed with an open mind and a wealth of historical sources, best-selling author, Walter D. Kennedy, tackles the most common misconceptions and misrepresentations about slavery in America and goes into detail as he does. Irrefutable facts and statistics abound in this well-made hardback edition that went out of print in 2018.

Consider a few chapter and addendum titles:

  • Slavery: A Worldwide Phenomenon
  • Abolitionism Versus Christianity
  • African-Americans, Free Born and Slave
  • Slavery versus Secession
  • Slavery and the Confederate States of America
  • An Early Anti-Slavery Tract
  • Recommended Reading List

Although we offer several excellent books about slavery, don’t miss a chance to get a brand new hardback copy of Mr. Kennedy’s useful and fascinating book!

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