Nullification: Reclaiming Consent of the Governed


  • Paperback, 69 pages
  • Clyde N. Wilson

Add it to your cart, because nullification is an historic solution that’s still available and in use to circumvent tyrannical abuses by the Federal government.  Everyone needs to understand the meaning and usefulness of nullification (also known as interposition) as a weapon in the arsenal of State government and Liberty Defenders everywhere.

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Endorsed by Liberty Matters Most™, in this book historian Clyde Wilson presents a weapon, nullification, in both its historic and present context.   In the process, he gives one of the most succinct and inspiring explanations of State sovereignty and the Constitution for the United States that this reviewer has read.  He quotes Jefferson, Madison, Calhoun, and others to explain the why and how they were forced to defend the letter and spirit of the Constitution even in the early days of the republic.  Federal abuse and tyranny are not new phenomenon.  The sound reasoning of the author and the people he quotes, the history he brings forth, and the nullification weapon he presents, make this a 5-star book despite its brevity and inexpensive price tag.

Consider a few of the book’s 12 chapters, such as, Jefferson and Nullification, The Real Constitution, The 10th Amendment, The States Are What We Have, What the Founders Meant, What the Founders Didn’t Count On, The American Revolution as Secession, Q & A on Nullification.

Every Liberty Defender needs a copy of this book!

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