Property Rights, As Sacred as the Laws of God


  • Paperback, 122 Pages
  • Index
  • Arthur R. Thompson

Add it to the cart, because the God-given right to have, hold, and protect one’s own property is a basic principle of Liberty.  Coveting and stealing another person’s property, even though the laws of tyrants might permit it, are sins, as the author of this book makes clear.  If Christ’s Kingdom is to reign among the States, property rights must be well understood and protected.

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Published by the John Birch Society and endorsed by Liberty Matters Most™, this book explains in simple detail one of the primary principles upon which our federated republic of sovereign States was founded.   John Adams, our second president stated: “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, anarchy and tyranny commence.”  It might not be the only doorway to tyranny, but it is one that’s been in use forever; otherwise, there would only be 9 Commandments.  So, is the subject worth studying?  You bet it is!

Consider a few chapter titles, such as Property Rights According to Our Founders, The Forces Behind the Elimination of Property Rights, The Growth of Government as Measured by Public Property, “What You Think” is Also Your Property, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Return to the Fundamentals.

This book will arm you with a new approach to defending Liberty and attacking tyranny.  Share what you learn on social media and use the book in Sunday school and Bible studies.

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