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Is the Dixie Alliance™ Right for You?

First and foremost, if you believe that Liberty is more than freedom alone– if you believe it’s best defined as freedom linked to Christian principles and morals and that it matters most, so far so good, because we do, too.

We believe that by taking the following steps we can help America put back on the highway to Liberty:

  1. We must create strong support for the principles of Liberty and the Real Constitution for the United States, which opens a highway to Liberty for the people of the sovereign States, assuming that we stay on course and resist temptations to take short cuts.
  2. We must identify the wrong turns and phony short-cuts that have sent the people of the States so far off course that Communism and Tyranny, not Liberty, lies dead ahead.
  3. We must map a step-by-step route back onto the Constitutional road to Liberty and mark the roads to avoid with large “ROAD CONDEMNED” warning signs that no one can miss.
  4. We must convince the people of the States to travel with us back onto the main highway to Liberty, where a bright future awaits.

If you’re still with us, do you think that a network of like-minded, but independent, media people, well supported and focused on the same objectives can win the battle of public opinion and achieve Victory for Liberty, with God’s help, or are we doomed?

Do you know the history of the Southern States that seceded from the union in 1860, and do you think that they were morally justified and legally within their rights to do so?  Do you know the history of the South following the war, through so-called “Reconstruction” and up to the present time?  Do you want to tell the story of these States and help re-establish the honor and respect they deserve?

If you’re an honorable person of any race or religion, answering mostly in the affirmative, and want to spread the message of hope and victory rather than doom and defeat, the Dixie Alliance™ is probably right for you.  Consider becoming a client or support team member.  If you prefer to fight for Liberty without emphasizing the Southern States, you should consider the Liberty All Stars™.

Dixie Alliance™ Client Network

Dixie Alliance™ is one of two client networks hosted on the Liberty Matters Most™ platform.  The Alliance is a network of authors, journalists, and commentators on radio, television, and the Internet.  Some write books, articles, and scripts.  Some host and produce podcasts and webcasts.  Some manage publishing and production companies.

They focus on Liberty, historically, politically, and socially, and in the process they connect it to the South, the Confederacy, and the stand for Liberty (as opposed to Communism and un-Constitutional Federal actions) that those States made after the War Between the States and, in some cases, even up to the present.  They’re proud of Dixie and defend her honor.

Scroll down the page to Client Packages to learn more.

Dixie Alliance™ Volunteer Support Teams

If you’re a fan of a Dixie Alliance™ celebrity, why not join his or her team as a volunteer and/or financial supporter?  As a support team member you’ll have access to production and marketing resources available here at our website.

Support team members help create content for articles, books, and shows by conducting research, writing outlines and scripts, and scheduling interviews.  They design apparel and other public relations materials.  They help with marketing, social media, live events, and whatever they can to expand the team’s reach and impact.  Their membership dues help cover the team’s many expenses.

Think of the great feeling you’ll have by being part of a media team that’s reporting the most important news of the day, along with the true history of Dixie– and all while working to win Victory for Liberty!  Plus, support team members receive benefits based on their support level, and possibly bonus rewards as well.  Scroll down the page to Support Team Packages.

Dixie Alliance™ Client Packages

Both divisions of the Liberty Media Network™ (Dixie Alliance™ and Liberty All Stars™) offer the same powerful features and benefits.  You’re only limited by your imagination!  For example, every membership package¹ includes the following benefits:

  • Discounts, special offers, and publications.
  • Southern Defender™ and Liberty Banner™ digital subscriptions.
  • Your own domain name linked to web pages here at this website.
  • Custom-built web pages and e-commerce platform with great potential.
  • Backups, security, and contact forms to thwart hackers and spammers.
  • Hosting of your articles so you can post links to them on social media and drive traffic to your site.
  • Access to a large, expanding archive of knowledge and research material.
  • System to turn your fans into dues-paying, productive Support Team members, as explained on this page.
  • Opportunities to work with and interview like-minded network members and allies.
  • Opportunities to work with us to create revenue-generating media and online courses.
  • Opportunities for cooperative advertising and profit sharing.
  • Opportunities to co-design and sell branded apparel, bumper stickers, and more.
  • Campaigning for Liberty, a strategy and tactics guide.
  • Access to trained professionals to help build your brand, audience, and impact.

Supercharge your membership package¹ with one or more of the following add-ons:

  • Podcasting platform through Pod Bean and a player on your own website.
  • Corporate level platform so your staff can access everything you can.
  • Private member forum for your staff and/or team of volunteer members.

Click here to choose your membership package and submit an application.

¹ Terms and conditions apply.

Dixie Alliance™ Support Team Packages

Join forces with any Dixie Alliance™ team as a donor or volunteer.  Depending on the support level you choose, from Liberty Matters Most™ you will receive the benefits shown below.  In addition, any Dixie Alliance™ team may offer rewards and privileges, separate and apart from the benefits provided by Liberty Matters Most™.²

  • Notices of upcoming events and programs.
  • Discount coupons and special offers.
  • Access to our archives and research material.
  • Access to campaigns and legislation templates.
  • Campaigning for Liberty, our strategy and tactics guide.
  • Production Team membership to help with the creation of articles, programs, and scripts.
  • The Southern Defender™ digital and/or print subscriptions.
  • Annual gift certificates for apparel, books, flags, and more.

Select a Dixie Alliance™ team from those shown below and join the action!

² Terms and conditions apply.  Liberty Matters Most™ does not monitor, fulfill, nor guarantee the rewards, offers, and special privileges of any Dixie Alliance™ client.  Each client and client team is solely responsible for its own offers and promises.

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If you're a fan of a Dixie Alliance™ or Liberty All Stars™ celebrity, you can join his or her team as a volunteer member-supporter.

If you don't want to join one of these teams, consider joining the Liberty Defense Network™ instead.

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A Good Fight with Jameson Haygood, member of the Liberty All Stars™

Radio talk show with podcasts of the best programs.  Visit the website to learn about the show or to join the team.