The word of God which places full responsibility upon parents, not government, to educate their children.  The U.S. Constitution in several passages forbids federal involvement in education.  If we the people want the feds involved, there is a way to do it.  It’s called the amendment process, but to date, no amendment has been passed to authorize federal involvement.  Thus, responsibility over education lies with individuals, and individuals have empowered State and local government to support but not control their efforts, and no power has been extended to the federal government at all.  You might find these facts hard to believe, but they are true nonetheless.

Neither the federal government, nor State, nor local government should control education.  Millions of young minds across the several States are being corrupted and wasted because of backward-thinking, self-serving representatives in Washington D.C. who believe that they and unelected bureaucrats know better than parents what children need to learn.

We the people must fight to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education, gradually eliminate all un-Constitutional federal involvement in education. Furthermore, we need to only support political candidates that share our position on the subject of education.

We need public servants who will work to defeat federal legislation designed to pressure and bribe public schools to teach Critical Race Theory and all the other anti-American ideas we find in public schools everywhere.  Communists, perverts, the big teacher’s lobbies, and the federal government want boys to become girls and vice versa.  Is that what you want?  If so, you’re badly out of step with Jesus Christ and the principles that once made the States of America great.