The Southern Defender™ is one of our two flagship journals. The Liberty Banner is the other.  Both are available in digital and printed formats.  Dues-paying members and clients of the Liberty Defense Network™  and the Liberty Media Network™ receive subscriptions.  Digital copies may be downloaded at no cost by anyone, at any time.

Printed copies may be ordered in bulk, starting at 25 copies.  These journals fill an important role in our strategy and tactics, as explained in Campaigning for Liberty, available to dues-paying members and clients.

Our Production Team writes many of the articles, and they’re compensated for their efforts.  Every dues-paying member is placed on the Production Team, so if you would like to write articles (and scripts) for us, visit the Production Zone to learn how you can be part of this elite group.

The Southern Defender™ and the Liberty Banner™ are published at least monthly.  Liberty– freedom linked to Christian morals and principles– is always the theme, one way or another, of both journals, but in the Southern Defender™, it’s connected to Southern history and perspectives.

Compelling, even exciting, articles that draw you through to the end are the standard fare of every issue that’s designed to either reinforce your understanding with new facts and insights or give you the knowledge you need to understand primary principles, history, confusing and troublesome issues, and current events.

Search below to find issues by subject matter.  You have the option to download or order printed copies.

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