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Production Team

If you ever wanted to lead or join a media production team, conducting research and writing articles and scripts for publications and shows, your opportunity is here.  Membership on our Production Team gives you a chance to discover your hidden, or not so hidden, talents.  We offer support and compensation, too.  If and when you’re know that people like your work, you could join the Liberty media Network™ and build a Support Team of donors, followers, and volunteer helpers– a media production team under your leadership.

We place all dues-paying clients and members on the Production Team, granting them access to our deep archive and making them eligible to receive compensation for the content they produce for Liberty Matters Most™.¹   “Producers” are not required to produce content for us– they could write for themselves, their network teams, or not at all.

Click here to learn about the Production Team and see the compensation schedule.

¹ Terms and conditions apply.

Production Schedule

The Production Schedule is our current list of production subjects that only Production Team members (“producers”) may access.  Producers may submit their own production ideas, but our plan and budget might force us to pass, at least for the time being.

On the Production Schedule page, producers can choose a subject and submit a proposal to open communications with us.  Dialogue about the proposal’s length, objectives, documentation, etc. might be necessary.  After approval, a producer may submit one or more drafts to us for editing, adding graphics, etc. before the final version is deemed ready for release.

Producers may visit the Production Schedule page.

Flagship Publications

The Liberty Banner™ and the Southern Defender™ are our flagship publications, available in digital and printed form.  Producers and our staff create the content, which must be compelling, documented, and worth reading and sharing.  Our Knowledge Zone can supply much of the content, which must be broken down into bite-size units that even an average reader can understand and act upon.

Both publications are available through Liberty Defense Network™ and the Liberty Media Network™ membership packages.  Printed copies may be ordered in bulk.  Campaigning for Liberty™, our advanced guide to strategy and tactics that all dues-paying clients and members receive, explains how to raise funds for continual mass distribution.  A basic distribution guide is provided with every bulk order and available for download here.  

The Liberty Banner™ may all sorts of articles and series of articles spread over two or more issues as a serial or mini-documentary.  The subject is always related to Liberty or a threat to it.  Whether timeless principles, inspirations from the past, or visions of the future– good or bad– clear and compelling quality must be every producer’s goal. The Southern Defender™ is similar but comes from a Southern perspective.  If the product is high quality, mass distribution is possible, and that’s the goal of Liberty Matters Most™ management.

Discover the Liberty Banner™Discover the Southern Defender™.


We’ve got shows now– some that we made and some that others made.  More are coming!

Visit the Knowledge Zone to find a treasure trove of videos, categorized to make it easy to find videos on the subjects you’re interested in.

The Liberty Media Network™ features media programs by the Dixie Alliance™ and the Liberty All Stars™.  These media celebrities and their teams might be using any combination of broadcast, podcast, webcast, or archived videos.  Click on either group to browse the list and find shows to inform yourself and share with others.

Liberty Matters Most™ will be producing our own podcasts, webcasts, and videos in the near future.  Please stay tuned!

Study Courses

Study courses are under development.  Two of major importance are already underway.  We will make an announcement when they’re released.


Make a Donation

You may donate to support a specific print or digital production or to the general fund to help cover basic operating expenses, including general productions costs, advertising, and other overhead.

Your donations help send the message of Liberty--freedom linked to Christian principles and morals--to people who haven't been exposed to it before.  We're "plowing new ground," not just preaching to the faithful.  Consider joining our Liberty Defense Network™ or Liberty Media Network™, each explained separately below.





Join the Liberty Defense Network™

The Liberty Defense Network™ is our membership base of individuals and teams.  A team could pre-exist or begin with one dedicated individual following the instructions in our Campaigning for Liberty guide.  Teams that join the network are called “Liberty Defense Teams”.  Individual members are "Liberty Defenders".

We offer news, current events, history, legislative perspectives, voting records, and more.  And we're an unmatched source of verifiable information on the Constitutions of the United States and Confederate States of America, and everything connected to these and other documents, including the Articles of Confederation, and State constitutions of the past and present.  In a nutshell, we’re concerned about everything connected to Liberty, defined as “freedom linked to Christian morals and principles.”

The following benefits are available to individual members, depending on their support level:

  • Notices of upcoming events and programs.
  • Discount coupons and special offers.
  • Access to our archives and research material.
  • Access to campaigns, operations, and legislation templates.
  • Campaigning for Liberty, our strategy and tactics guide.
  • Production Team membership to help you create commissionable media content.
  • Liberty Banner™ and/or Southern Defender™ digital and print subscriptions.
  • Annual gift certificates for yourself and for gifts to others.

For groups that join, we offer benefit packages similar to those offered to the Liberty Media Network™ explained below.

Click here to view your options and enroll as an individual Liberty Defender or as a Liberty Defense Team.


Join the Liberty Media Network™

For authors, columnists, and other media celebrities and teams fighting to win Victory for Liberty we offer two support programs: 1) the Dixie Alliance™, and 2) the Liberty All Stars™.  Individuals and teams that join are called “Liberty Media Clients”.

Powerful benefits in every package include:

  • Your own domain name linked to your web pages hosted here at
  • Beautiful, customized web pages to serve as a platform for your public outreach.
  • Backups, security, and contact forms to help protect against spammers and hackers.
  • Hosting of your articles so that you can post them to social media to drive traffic to your web pages.
  • Access to our ever-expanding archives and research material.
  • Access to campaigns, operations, and legislation templates.
  • Campaigning for Liberty, our strategy and tactics guide.
  • A platform for turning your audience into a dues-paying team of supporters.
  • Opportunities to network and co-produce content for articles, books, courses, and shows--
    • with your own team of dues-paying volunteers,
    • with other members of the Liberty Media Network™, and
    • with our allies and staff.
  • Opportunities to create and sell custom merchandise: apparel, stickers, handouts, etc.
  • Listings and endorsements in our digital and printed media organs.
  • Access to a team of marketing professionals to help build your audience and impact.

Supercharge you site with a power-packed podcasting system and embedded player.  It’s available through our agreement with Pod Bean, one of the world’s most popular podcasting platforms.  If you want, we can also provide a private member forum to promote confidential and effective team collaboration.

Click here to discover teamwork through the Liberty Media Network™.

Join a Liberty All StarsSupport Team

Join forces with any of the Liberty All Stars™ as a donor or volunteer to help conduct research, write scripts, arrange interviews, spread the word, or whatever the team needs and you agree to do.  Depending on your support level, from Liberty Matters Most™ you will receive discount offers, a digital subscription to the Liberty Banner™, access to campaigns, Campaigning for Liberty (our strategy and tactics guide), membership on the Production Team, and access to our ever-expanding archives.  Additionally, any of the Liberty All Stars™ may offer bonus rewards and privileges to their volunteers, separate and apart from the benefits provided by Liberty Matters Most™.1

The Liberty All Stars™ are some of the most reliable members of the American media and the staunchest defenders of Liberty.  They deserve your support.  By joining with any of them you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're part of an All Star media team.

Click here to choose a Liberty All Stars™ team and sign up!

Join a Dixie AllianceSupport Team

Team up with a Dixie Alliance™ media team as a donor or volunteer to help conduct research, write scripts, arrange interviews, spread the word, or whatever the team needs and you agree to do.  Depending on your support level, from Liberty Matters Most™ you will receive discount offers, a digital subscription to the Southern Defender™, access to campaigns, Campaigning for Liberty (our strategy and tactics guide), membership on the Production Team, and access to our ever-expanding archives.   Additionally, any Dixie Alliance™ team may offer rewards and privileges, separate and apart from the benefits provided by Liberty Matters Most™.1

The Dixie Alliance™ differs from the Liberty All Stars™ by emphasizing the Southern States, their defense of law and Liberty that led to their 1861 Confederacy, and their special role in the history and future of Liberty.  If you love Dixie and want to help restore the respect that she deserves, team up with a Dixie Alliance™ media team right now!

Find a Dixie Alliance™ media member or team and join forces.

Earn Commissions, Receive Discounts

All dues-paying clients and members are placed on our Production Team, entitling them to receive commissions for creating media content for Liberty Matters Most™.  (At their own discretion, Liberty Defense Teams™ and Liberty Media Teams™ might offer financial or other compensation for production and other assistance rendered to them.1)

To help with production efforts dues-paying members receive access to our ever-expanding archive of research material and to a list of articles and programs that we would like to produce.  The best producers could be invited to help us create on-line course content.

If you ever wanted to conduct research and write articles and scripts, this is your chance to try, under excellent conditions.  Get started by becoming a dues-paying member in any program we offer.  Then, you can compose content for us, your team, or any reason whatsoever.

Dues-paying members also receive discount offers for apparel, books, bundles of printed items, flags, flagpoles, and other merchandise.

Learn about the Production Team.

Learn Tactics, Fight Campaigns

All clients and dues-paying members of any sort receive Campaigning for Liberty, our strategy and tactics guide to help them build and maintain their organization, provide effective leadership, and win Victory for Liberty.  The guide is based on many years of study, implementation, and adjustment, but beyond that, we offer genuine support for the things we recommend, which is one of several missing ingredients that has led to the failure of many good groups in the past.  We hope that you're a client or a dues-paying member, but if you aren't, we still offer plenty of action!

We support three on-going campaigns, plus special operations, all of which are open to honorable people of every race and religion:

  1. Inspire Liberty™-- open everyone, this campaign will appeal to everyone who loves Liberty and is not afraid to show it.
  2. Make Dixie Great Again™-- open to everyone, this campaign will especially appeal to people who love Dixie and Liberty and are not incurable victims of Communist and "Reconstruction" propaganda.
  3. Victory for Liberty™-- open to everyone, but best suited for clients and dues-paying members, because this multi-faceted campaign is based on our Campaigning for Liberty guide.

Submit Reports

Everyone using the Liberty Matters Most™ platform, especially our clients and dues-paying members, is encouraged to submit activity and reconnaissance reports.  Please report at least monthly and anytime in between when you have urgent information to send up the line.  Reports can focus on individual or team activities. They may also be used to submit information gathered about anti-Liberty organizations, including their agenda, tactics, plans, and actions.

No organization can succeed without reports, communications, and reconnaissance from its operational areas. Even when there are more failures than successes and more stagnation than activity, please report regularly.

Your reports help us adjust our operations and improve our tactics and support.  Click here to submit reports.

Enroll in Study Courses

Knowledge is essential to understanding, and without God and understanding, wisdom is impossible.  Many Americans follow current events and news; however, without a good knowledge of history and the principles of Liberty, keeping up with the latest political or cultural evil is not very productive.  In fact, the sciences of psychology and warfare, as well as the art of marketing, have proven beyond doubt that a steady dose of negative information, in the absence of deep-seated principles and active, positive endeavors, leads to demoralization and the eventual demise of any pursuit.

The study courses that we're developing are designed to instill the principles that people need to stay the course and the knowledge of tactics and strategy needed to win Victory for LibertyPresently, we have 3 courses in the development stage, and we're planning others.  To help with the production of online courses, we're looking for Production Team members that write good articles and scripts for our print and digital media. To learn about the Production Team, see "Earn Commissions, Receive Discounts" above.

When study courses are ready, this link will become active.

Share, Compose, Order Materiel

Clients and dues-paying members (depending on their support level) receive a digital and/or printed subscription to either the Liberty Banner or the Southern Defender™.   Please share the digital version by email and social media.  The same principle applies to our social media posts, and as a member with access to our archives, you can compose meaningful posts of your own.

Furthermore, the Liberty Banner™ and the Southern Defender™ can be ordered in bulk for one-to-one and large scale distribution.  In addition to these publications, we produce advertisements, fliers, and campaign cards that can be distributed in multiple ways including the mail, a very viable but neglected way of reaching new people.  Digital marketing is also an option, and we have professionals on our staff and independent contractors that are happy to help you and your team use the power of the Internet and mobile networks.  These options and many others, as well as how to raise funds to pay for them, are explained in Campaigning for Liberty, our strategy and tactics guide available to all clients and dues-paying members, as explained above and throughout this page.

Shop for printed publications, ads, fliers, etc.  For help composing posts, visit the Knowledge Zone.

Shop, Read, Inspire Liberty

Through this website and our companion site at, you can purchase apparel, books and digital media, bundles of printed publications, decals and signs, flags and flagpoles, license plates, and more.  The books are for enjoyment and edification, and they support your efforts as a member of the Production Team, explained under "Earn Commissions, Receive Discounts" above.

The apparel, flags, decals, license plates, and signs can help you inspire other people by taking a visible stand for Liberty.  Our campaigns utilize such material, too, and much of it is designed specifically for them.

Warning!  Our staff has gone to many public venues and talked to thousands of people.  There, we've met the best and worst people.  Among the worst are those that are afraid to visibly stand for Liberty.  They fear the Communists and even the merely potential negative opinions of their neighbors, but not the Lord.  In Revelation 21:8, we read, "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."  Don't be a coward!  Take a visible stand for Liberty-- freedom linked to Christian morals and principles.

Shop for apparel, books, decals, flags, flagpoles, etc.

Podcasts, Videos, Webcasts

We’re developing our own podcasts, videos, and live webcasts.  The equipment and technical staff are already in place.  All clients and dues-paying members are placed on the Production Team, making it possible for them to earn commissions for helping us conduct research and compose outlines and scripts for our media productions.  These productions can include interviews, and the producers writing the scripts may be invited to participate in the programs.  To learn about the Production Team, click here.

When our media productions begin, this link will be activated.

1. Liberty Matters Most™ does not monitor, fulfill, nor guarantee bonus rewards, offers of any sort of compensation, and privileges, etc. by any participant in the Liberty Defense Network™ and the Liberty Media Network™.  Each participant is solely responsible for such offers.