Education is a matter of personal preferences.  Parents are responsible for the education of their children, not government.  Don’t believe it?  Go to your Nave’s Topical Bible or an online version and look under the section entitled, “Children.”  It’s made a believer of many honest people who checked it out.

No central government, especially one established in a free country, should dictate what your children and mine need to learn in order to prosper, enjoy the blessings of liberty, and be a good citizen.  Critical Race Theory, gender training, and other divisive narratives and propaganda should be banned from all taxpayer-funded educational establishments.  Publicly funded universities and colleges must be held accountable to foster free speech and open debate. “Woke,” elitist schools with endowments larger than the annual budgets of some countries should not drain taxpayer resources nor be the preferred provider of government employees.

We the people must fight to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education, gradually eliminate all un-Constitutional federal involvement in education. Furthermore, we need to only support political candidates that publicly proclaim this position everywhere and are actively working for it.