Are you aware that these United States have countless active political parties? One is the Green Party, USA. On the surface, members seem like harmless environmental activists. In many cases, they are. However, there is an element within green politics that we aptly call “watermelon politics”: green on the outside, red on the inside.

Since third parties have little chance in a two-party system, many watermelon politicians have found their way into the Democratic Party. Over time, they have gained substantial influence over the party’s platform and direction. We’re seeing the, ahem, fruits of their efforts now.

Watermelon politicians have realized that environmental regulations can be used to achieve tight control over our economy and system of free enterprise. Deep down, as hard-core socialists, these tacticians realize that an American public which is squeamish about socialism just might embrace environmentalism instead. It is this socialism cloaked in environmentalism that gives them an opportunity to exercise control over our money and our freedom.

Gasoline and diesel fuel has become very expensive. In turn, goods at the grocery store are sometimes scarce and certainly much more expensive than last year. You may not be able to travel as often as you like. These things are part of the Green Plan. In socialist countries, the government exerts a high degree of control over everything. In America, this level of control is difficult to achieve because of our Constitution; however, green politicians manage to steal our freedom and achieve their objectives by stealth.

The reason that people in these United States are not as free as we once were, and that we no longer generate a surplus of energy, is in large part the fault of the “watermelons” who know that the road to socialism is painful. They must condition and prepare us for a reduction in our standard of living in pursuit of the socialist objective of “sustainability.”

Why do socialists persist if their ideas have a consistent track record of failure? It’s because the things we consider to be a failure, the socialists consider a success. It’s the only way they know how to operate. Both Socialism and Communism were born out of atheism. Communists openly preach that life on Earth is the only life a person will ever have. While Socialists might not preach it openly, they adhere to the same atheistic idea in a practical sense. When you don’t believe in life after death, you try to create (by stealth and force if necessary) heaven on Earth, and these people think that it would be heaven for the government to own and control everything.

All of us must reject the Red policy that has infected the modern Democratic Party. Let’s elect representatives that promote energy independence and Constitutional development of infrastructure.  Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem.