An article by Cort Kirkwood in The New American (; March 28, 2022), sums up one of the most important reasons why we must oppose political candidates that are not actively and publicly working to defend the borders of the American States.

Along with ignoring internal immigration enforcement, President Biden and [Homeland Security Secretary Alehandro] Mayorkas have released hundreds of thousands of illegals apprehended at the border, some of them dangerous criminals.  Indeed, Biden and Mayorkas are flying illegals into the country on secret flights that release impoverished “migrants” into unsuspecting communities under cover or darkness.

But the most important takeaway from the Biden-Mayorkas immigration “failure” is that it does not prove that the pair is “incompetent,” or that they “don’t know what’re doing.”  Indeed, from their perspective, what’s happening at the border, and to internal immigration enforcement, isn’t a failure at all.  Refusing to enforce the law and bragging about it suggests quite the opposite.  It is purposeful.  The “failure” is designed.  The treason has a reason:

Flood the country with “migrants” whom Biden and his party comrades believe will vote for Democrats and permanently enthrone the party.  Then begins the dispossession of the American people and the abrogation of their rights, and the imposition of an unconstitutional, totalitarian regime.

Illegals, Ciudad Hidalgo, Mex., 10/15/18

There you have it: For decades, through both Democrat and Republican administrations, and especially under the Biden regime, the illegal immigrant invasion has been a treasonous way to erect a Deep State-Socialist-Communist nation on the ruins of the American republic of Sovereign States.  Result: Tyranny and indescribable horror for God-fearing, honest, responsible, legal citizens of every race.

If tyranny and horror is what you want, you’ll get it unless you find and work for political candidates that are actively and publicly working to defend the borders of the American States.  Such candidates are likely to be working to restore Constitutional government and Liberty, too.  Those are the public servants we need in office.