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Carbon Capture Scheme

Un-Constitutional $1.2 T infrastructure bill pouring gargantuan sums into wasteful tech that can’t survive on its own. TNA_2022_May30

Waging War on Farmers

Federal government uses environmental hoaxes to un-Constitutionally control agriculture, leading to shortages. TNA_2022_Sep12

Carbon Capture Pipelines

Renowned researcher, Tom DeWeese, explains “carbon capture” and reports on his speaking tour in Iowa.  TNA_2022_Sep12

Is this the Future of Protein?

Sources of protein will change drastically if the Deep-State-Communist Axis has its way.  You must see it to believe it! TNA_2022_Sep12

Food Crisis

Sri Lanka demonstrates that food shortages result when farmers are forced to accept Communistic policies.  TNA_2022_Sep12

Agenda 2030 vs. Farmers

Un-Constitutional Federal action is set to steal land from farmers and ranchers through the globalist “Agenda 2030”.  TNA_2022_Dec12

Global War on Farmers

War on farmers and ranchers is eliminating small and medium producers worldwide, as this chart illustrates.  TNA_2022_Sep12

IRS in Your Pocket

Should employers collect taxes to fund un-Constitutional Federal bureaucracies and social engineering schemes? TNA_2022_Dec12

No Farmers, No Food

Global Deep State and Communists use environmental hoaxes to expand control over food.  Consider Holland.  TNA_2022_Sep12