Economics, Money, Taxes

Liberty in Money, Taxes, and Economics

Our objective is Liberty– freedom linked to Christian morals and principles– in all earthly affairs, including economics, money, and taxes.  With the Lord’s help, our staff, members, and teams are planning and working to win.

In America, money is denominated in dollars and cents.  People trade their labor and other assets for it.  They exchange, borrow, invest, and accumulate it for lots of reasons including preparation for the day when they can no longer work– a vital purpose, no doubt.  People depend on money directly and indirectly for nearly everything.  Its use was established early in the Old Testament.  Jesus Christ reaffirmed it in the new.  Nevertheless, the Deep State-Communist axis, working through the Federal government, has been destroying the value of money for ages, creating immense hardships for people with few skills and low income while forcing others to increase risks in the hope of increasing gains, just to keep up with inflation.  Now, the axis is offering a “solution” through its so-called Great Reset, a shift from the present Socialist economic system to a Communist system, and digital currency.  Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is credited (or “discredited”, really) as having said, “you will own nothing and be happy.”  Maybe then our taxes will go down.  LOL.  Even so, tyranny would certainly go up.

For the reasons stated above and others even more compelling, money is one of our 3 strategic targets of political action leading to a major breakthrough in winning Victory for Liberty.

Included under this heading, we cover the following topics and more:

  • The Treasury Department, Federal Reserve, State financial institutions, banking, and more.
  • The nature of money and its uses in solving the problems of life.
  • Constitutional State and Federal issues regarding money, taxes, and the economy.
  • How to fund the constitutional needs of government with the least burdensome taxes.
  • Sound economic principles and policies versus utopian delusions and propaganda.
  • The theories, effects, and history of various economic policies and their supporters.

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Stop a Robbery in Progress

You can help stop a robbery in progress!What robbery, you ask?  The robbery of your hard-earned wages and savings, we answer.  It's called inflation, and it's robbing you blind.Who is behind the robbery, you ask?  Crooked congressmen in the federal...

It Comes with Bacon

The inflation-producing and typically un-Constitutional programs of the Federal government are pushing gas prices up, and they will continue to increase until inflation is stopped and economic stability is achieved.  Patriotic congressmen are working to...

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