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The Future of Nuclear Energy

The future of nuclear energy lies in small, safe modular reactors that promise low costs and abundant energy.  TNA_2022_Aug15

Back to Energy's Future

Environmental net-zero goals rely on so-called renewable energy but will send the States back into the Dark Ages. TNA_2022_Dec26

Over-regulating Nuclear Energy

Harnessing the power of the atom for energy independence has been held back by un-Constitutional regulations.  TNA_2022_Aug29

"Climate at a Glance" Book Review

The subtitle: “For teachers and students, facts on 30 prominent climate topics,” by a scholar that knows the facts. TNA_2022_Oct31

Biden Wages Energy War

Government is waging war on energy.  Its policies, not Putin, are reversing gains toward energy independence. TNA_2022_Aug15

Three Mile Island Revisited

Misunderstandings and distortions about Three Mile Island are still used against the nuclear power industry. TNA_2022_Oct17

Stark Raving Green

You’ll be surprised to learn what it takes to reach the Federal government’s zero carbon emissions goals by 2050. TNA_2022_May30