In all of the States public schools have been failing for decades.  These schools are either failing academically, morally, or both.  We constantly hear from public school teachers that are fed up with the situation and can hardly wait to retire so they can get away from the disaster area.

Schools that achieve “C” ratings, or worse, cannot provide the quality of education that will sustain the communities we love.  These types of schools cannot teach children the things that lead to success in the competitive world in which we live.  And the rating systems don’t even rate moral performance which is just as essential for success as the academic performance.  When we factor in the immorality that kids learn in school, the tragedy increases ten-fold!  It will take more than putting prayer back in the schools to correct the gross immorality we find there today.

Consider the Communist-created brainwashing program commonly called Critical Race Theory (though it also goes by lots of other names).  This program is growing by leaps and bounds.  It is one of the most immoral programs the Communists have ever created.  Yes, its’s in the churches and corporate world, too, and its definitely in the public schools.  It will continue there for as long the federal government pays for and controls public education.

Among other things, including sexual perversion, Critical Race Theory teaches that the White race is evil and must be punished.  Is it any wonder that hatred is on the rise?  Violence follows hatred.  We saw it in the riots a few years ago.  Riots will be in the news again– just wait and see.

Your children and mine are precious to us.  We need to only support, work for, and donate money to political campaigns that take a visibly strong stand, everywhere and all times, against federal meddling in education.  The U.S. Constitution forbids federal meddling, and everyone that wants to reestablish Christian morals in our society must forbid it, too.