Gadsden Flag

Do you realize how important you are to the Holy Cause of Liberty, as the great Statesman, Patrick Henry, expressed it? Do you? Well, you are—or you can be. Regardless of your age, economic or social status, or race, if God has given you the light to understand and appreciate the deep principles of Liberty that made the Sovereign States of America great, please share your knowledge with your neighbors and make a stand for Liberty.

Your family and neighbors need to see you take a visible stand for Liberty so they can find the courage to take a stand, too. They need courage and a morale boost. You can give it to them! They need to see you break the pattern of fear and conformity. They need to see you take a public stand for Liberty. There is no better way than by flying the Flags of Liberty alongside your American flag on the tallest flagpoles your yard can hold.  These Liberty flags include the Bennington, Betsy Ross, Bonnie Blue, Christian, Confederate, Gadsden and Gonzales.

Our friends in the photograph above are flying their Gadsden flag while tailgating at Mississippi State.  Our Ole Miss friends are flying the flags of Liberty in the Grove.  Your author and some of his neighbors fly all of the Liberty flags, rotating them from time to time on flagpoles in their front yards.  You can purchase all the major Liberty flags at   What are you waiting for?