In an article by Cort Kirkwood in The New American (; March 28, 2022), we read a report from Angie Wong of the New York Post about treasonous transportation activities designed to aid the illegal immigrant invasion.

“[Former head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mark] Morgan told me they [U.S. officials] want to avoid scenes like the ones of children being dropped over walls in remote areas,” Wong reported. “It may be safer, but it also makes the cartel’s job easier, and more lucrative.  The cartels have taken control of our border, and we’re negotiating with the hostage-takers.”

After the “migrants” are apprehended, they head to “consolidation centers” where “they are given folders color-coded to the city of their destination,” Wong continued.  “I saw folders with tickets to Houston, Atlanta, Newark and JFK.  The folder contains an airline ticket, a US passport-looking booklet, cash, prepaid credit cards, travel itineraries and an English translation page.  The cover of the folder says in capital letters, “PLEASE HELP ME I DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH.  WHAT PLANE DO I NEED TO TAKE?  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP” with a smiley face.

Each migrant also receives a set of clothing… Some have received cellphones.

From [the border town of McAllen, Texas] I boarded a plane to Houston with around a dozen migrants.  I watched their handlers get them past immigration and security with just a flash of documents, whereas all other passengers had to show identification.

Their handlers, I’m told, are from government-funded NGOs and churches…

Once they arrive at their destination cities, the handlers go missing.  I followed one group of female migrants to the airport bathroom and watched as they cleaned up, changed out of sweatshirts they were given and back in nondescript clothing.

One must conclude that afterwards, they disappeared into the landscape.

Clearly, your future happiness and mine depends on putting a stop to the treason that Wong described.  Are your Senators and Congressman helping the American States win the  Border War?  It’s doubtful.

There is only one way to win the Border War and that is to support candidates for State and federal office that are open and active supporters of defending America’s borders.  Losing the war will bring horrors upon us all.  Let’s work together for victory at the border.