Among the best books published in the Twentieth Century about the fundamental principles of America, one of the most difficult to find is We the States. It’s a treasure trove of quotations and correct analysis of the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution.  In it we find the following excerpt: 

We speak here for the States, [as] States, and for the people who are by constitutional definition citizens of each of them. Our dedication is to the structure of constitutional union erected by the ratifying States of 1788, and to the beautiful plan of checks and balances by which this house of our fathers was designed. We take the view that neither the Reconstruction amendments, nor any other amendments, have altered the statement of historic truth approved by the United States Senate in 1837:

“In the adoption of the Federal Constitution, the States acted severally as free, independent and sovereign States. Each for itself, by its own voluntary assent, entered the Union with a view to its increased security against all dangers, domestic as well as foreign, and the more perfect and secure enjoyment of its natural political and social advantages.

In delegating a portion of their powers to be exercised by the Federal government, the States retained, individually and respectively, the exclusive and sole right over their own domestic institutions and police, and are alone responsible for them.”

Today it is apparent to even the most casual eye that the house of our fathers has fallen into decay. The great beams that gave it strength—the separation of powers within the central government, the division of responsibility between the States and the Federal authority—now tend to crumble under subtle and insidious attack. The men who framed our Constitution built tight doors against the despotism they knew so well; now the doors hand awry, and a cold wind of judicial [de-] construction sweeps along the corridors. The States themselves, falling into impotence, often seem helpless to halt the destruction. And too many Americans, afflicted with the ills of an affluent society, are indifferent to the fundamental principles by which the greatness of the American Republic was achieved.

The un-Constitutional overthrow of State sovereignty by people who want an all-powerful federal government is similar in nature to Satan’s attempt to overthrow God, the Creator.  Satan’s kingdom might be successful in the short run, but God won’t tolerate it in the long run.  Similarly, the States and those who love Liberty won’t tolerate the overthrow of State sovereignty in the long run.  Once they have the right leaders, they will unite in a crusade to defeat the federal usurpers and reassert all the principles of Liberty, including State sovereignty.

We the people must find and support political leaders that constantly and everywhere promote State sovereignty.  We need to completely reject the others.  It’s as simple as that.